2007 Winners!

Without further ado... the Winners!

Best Vampire Romance
Primal Heat - Susan Sizemore

Best Werewolf Romance
Master of Wolves - Angela Knight

Best Shapeshifter (non-wolf) Romance
Beyond the Vision of Dreams - Stella and Audra Price

Best Psychic Romance
Conspiracy Game - Christine Feehan

Best Demonic Romance
Jacob - Jacquelyn Frank
Surviving Demon Island - Jaci Burton

Best Overall Paranormal Romance
Lords of the Were - Bianca D'Arc

Best Epic Fantasy Romance
Ladies of the Lair - Bianca D'Arc

Best Urban Fantasy Romance
Dangerous Tides - Christine Feehan

Best Faerie Tale Romance
She’s No Faerie Princess - Christine Warren

Best Overall Fantasy Romance
The Ice Dragon (Dragon Knights) - Bianca D'Arc

Best Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Lords of Ch'i - Ciar Cullen
Dangerous Games - Charlene Teglia

Best Futuristic Romance
Sloan's Heart (Federation Chronicles) - Arianna Hart
Phantom of the Wind (Windverse) - Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Best Space Opera Romance
Sheala (Celestial Passions) - Judy Mays

Best Overall Sci Fi Romance
Ezekiel (Sons of Amber) - Bianca D'Arc

What We Learned:

We learned a few things from this. First, people seldom follow instructions. LOL! If you're wondering about how we got the numbers, you'll have to understand first that many people didn't vote for every category. In fact, most ballots were incomplete, so the number of votes in each category is inconsistent. We also were sorry that apparently a few people missed the nominating rounds and wanted to try to write in candidates. We took note of these, but since they only received 1 vote each - the person who wrote them in - it wasn't worth reporting. Next year, those folks will just have to remember to nominate early! In fact, we're planning to open up nominations for next year in late December 2007, so check back for more information on that later in the year.

We also learned we have to make the nominating, voting, and counting process easier. A large part of the reason folks didn't follow directions was the confusion surrounding how to create and mail the ballots. We're looking into ways to make this process easier, so again, check back for next year's information later this year. We hope to have things more streamlined for next year's awards. Thanks to everyone who participated and made our first year such a great success! There were definitely more than a few speed bumps along the way, but we got through it and we're very proud of the results. We hope you are too.


Winners are entitled to snag any of the graphics below for their websites and mailings. They get bragging rights, good will, and the love of the masses for winning our first ever Fantasm Awards. Congratulations!