Category Clarification

We've had a few questions and realized we made a few mistakes, so here's some clarification:

1. "New" Categories

a. We inadvertently left off "Best Epic Fantasy Romance" from the Novel list. (We don't know how that happened. The category has been part of our awards since their inception. Probably just an error in copying the list from the old host to this setup or something.)

b. We also left out the "Best Fantasy Romance Story" in the Short Story/Novella list. This was an oversight on our part. Sorry.

We've received numerous emails about this and already have a good pool of nominations, but please feel free to email us with more nominations in these categories.

We've gotten a lot of great suggestions for new categories and will most likely be expanding our list next year, but for now, we think we've got it all straight. Please feel free to email us (ctmrrsn at yahoo.com) if you think we've made any other mistakes. Thanks!


Nominate Now!

Nominate your favorite books released between November 1, 2007 and October 31, 2008 for consideration in the 2009 Fantasm Awards! Read on to find out how...


1. The stories MUST be romance in one of our listed sub-genres with a Happily Ever After (HEA) ending. Sweet or erotic is all right, but it must be romance at heart.

2. To be eligible, books must have been published between 11/1/07 and 10/31/08 by a legitimate electronic or print publisher. (Self-published works are not eligible.)

3. Nominations are open until 12/31/08 and anyone can nominate. (Yes, authors, you can nominate yourself, if you wish.)

4. We will narrow down the list of nominations to a group of Finalists in each category and then voting will commence in January 2009.

5. Please read the category descriptions carefully.


Please see the next post to check out the newly expanded category list for this year's awards.

Nominate Now by Email

To nominate your favorites, simply copy the category list into an email and fill in your favorites by title AND author. Then email the whole thing to: ctmrrsn AT yahoo DOT com.

What We're All About

The Fantasms are geared specifically toward the sub-genres of romance fiction that seem to get lumped together by the bigger award sites. You know what we're talking about -- speculative fiction -- science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and all the sub-categories. They aren't all considered the same here. We know they are very different. So instead, we have categories like "Best Werewolf Romance" and "Best Post-Apocalyptic Romance." You can even suggest new categories if you think we've missed one.

Please Note

There is no cost to participate in this award process. We're doing this for fun and to help spread the word about some great romance books and authors. The only things authors gain from winning are bragging rights and a little logo to put on their site.

If you want to help spread the word, snag a logo and link back to us. We'll thank you for it with a place on our blogroll. Just let us know when the link is up and how you'd like us to link back.

The folks running this thing accept no liability whatsoever. We're all grown-ups here and this is designed to be for fun only.