2009 Categories

New for 2009! New categories have been added for short stories/novellas and cover art! (Please read the category descriptions carefully to be sure you're nominating in the correct place. We can't move them around after the fact.)

Cover Art
Best Paranormal Romance Cover Art
Best Fantasy Romance Cover Art
Best Futuristic Romance Cover Art
Best Sci Fi Romance Cover Art
Best Overall Speculative Romance Cover Art

Short Stories & Novellas
Best Vampire Romance Story
Best Shapeshifter Romance Story
Best Paranormal Romance Story
Best Futuristic Romance Story
Best Sci Fi Romance Story
Best Overall Speculative Romance Story
Best Vampire Romance
Best Werewolf Romance
Best Shapeshifter (non-wolf) Romance
Best Psychic Romance
Best Demonic Romance
Best Overall Paranormal Romance
Best Urban Fantasy Romance
Best Faerie Tale Romance
Best Overall Fantasy Romance
Best Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Best Futuristic Romance
Best Space Opera Romance
Best Overall Sci Fi Romance

Did we miss anything? Suggest new categories by emailing Cat at ctmrrsn AT yahoo DOT com.

Here's a more detailed explanation of the Novel categories:

Best Vampire Romance - Easy enough. Romance with a vampire as one or both of the main characters.

Best Werewolf Romance - Romance on the furry side. One or both of the protagonists must be a werewolf.

Best Shapeshifter (non-wolf) Romance - This is the category for all other kinds of shifters. Cats, dragons, snakes and all the rest.

Best Psychic Romance - One or both of the main characters must have psychic abilities. Clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, you name it. If it's a psychic ability, this is the category for it.

Best Demonic Romance - Demons, incubi, succubi, gargoyles... all those "dark" creatures fit in this category.

Best Overall Paranormal Romance - This is the big kahuna. Pick your favorite from all of the above.

Best Epic Fantasy Romance - Think Lord of the Rings, but with sex. LOL. Elves, warriors, magic, sorcerers, wizards, orcs, goblins, mages and more fit into the this category.

Best Urban Fantasy Romance - Street wizard? Magic in the modern day or urban setting? This is your place to shine.

Best Faerie Tale Romance - Tales of the fae folk. If the story involves fairies, leperachauns, the sidhe or others of the kind, this is their realm.

Best Overall Fantasy Romance - The brass ring. The best of the above fantasy categories.

Best Post-Apocalyptic Romance - Has earth been destroyed or changed forever by some apocalyptic event? Is the story one of rising from the ashes of what was once our great civilization? If so, this is the place to nominate it.

Best Futuristic Romance - Futuristic in this context means a story that's set in the future. It could be on Earth or on a colony, or space station, but the majority of the action takes place in one or two settings. If you're looking for epic space battles, see the next category. Futuristics have more to do with people in relatively stationary settings than in sweeping space-bound sagas.

Best Space Opera Romance - Space opera is grand and galactic in scale. Space battles, inter-stellar wars, all set in the deep dark of space. Lots of flying around in space ships or other modes of transport between worlds, and lots of action as well as romance of epic proportions.

Best Overall Sci Fi Romance - The super nova. The best of the sci fi romance offerings.


Nominations Open Soon

Get ready! Nominations for next year's awards open at the end of this month. We've made some changes this year, offering new award categories and changing the dates around a little to make this easier on all of us.

Here's the tentative schedule for our 2009 Awards:
11/1/08 - 12/31/08 - Nominations
1/10/09 - 2/14/09 - Voting
March 2009 - Awards Announced