2008 Winners!

Best Vampire Romance
Blood Calls by Caridad Pineiro

Best Werewolf Romance
Ascension by Lauren Dane

Best Shapeshifter (non-wolf) Romance
Texas Tea by Maura Anderson

Best Psychic Romance
Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh

Best Demonic Romance
Silk and Steel by Stella and Audra Price

Best Overall Paranormal Romance
Sweeter Than Wine by Bianca D'Arc

Best Epic Fantasy Romance
Wings of Change by Bianca D'Arc

Best Urban Fantasy Romance
Soft Edge of Midnight by Stella and Audra Price

Best Faerie Tale Romance
Master of Dragons by Angela Knight

Best Overall Fantasy Romance
Riding the Thunder by Deborah Macgillivray

Best Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Sanctuary by Jade Falconer

Best Futuristic Romance
Insufficient Mating Material by Rowena Cherry

Best Space Opera Romance
Sons of Amber: Michael by Bianca D'Arc

Best Overall Sci Fi Romance
Hara's Legacy by Bianca D'Arc